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Masterpieces and Melodies at the Veritas Art Walk

Archway Veritas April 19, 2024 -

Each spring, the Veritas Preparatory Academy comes alive with its annual Art Walk, a celebration of the exceptional artistic talents fostered by the Great Hearts curriculum. On this particular evening, every corridor of the campus morphs into a dynamic art gallery. The walls holding an array of student creations ranging from visual arts to live musical performances, echo with the creativity of scholars from sixth to 12th grade.

Jeff Dick, the master teacher of fine arts and studio art instructor at Veritas Prep, shared his insights into the organization of this much-anticipated event. “Each spring we showcase an entire year’s worth of art, accepting pieces from every student for this non-juried exhibition. We ensure that every student has at least one piece displayed,” he explains. The event takes full advantage of the spacious venue, which features grand two-story hallways bathed in natural light from skylights above, making each artwork stand out in the expansive, airy space.

While this event has been a tradition for the academy for over a decade, this Art Walk added a new feature for the first time ever. The upper school, coordinated with Archway Veritas, the lower school that shares the campus, to schedule their art walk at the same time to create a combined K-12 event. “This was a unique opportunity for families to see the full arc of the student’s tenure from K-12,” Dick said.

Dick added that it wasn’t just the visual arts that was showcased. “We also include musical performances scheduled throughout the evening. These feature our vibrant chorales as well as individual performers.”

Student choral group performing at Veritas Art WalkEngagement with the fine arts is more than just acquiring a skill for these students. It fosters a lifelong appreciation for creativity and beauty. Regardless of natural talent, all students are encouraged to explore their artistic potential, equipped with the tools to be inspired and discover their artistic capacity.

For parents and friends, it’s an opportunity to not only learn how to appreciate fine art, but to be inspired and encouraged to explore their own artistic potential. The arts are a pathway to personal growth and cultural enrichment for both young and old.

“The evening has an amazing vibe and truly celebrates the artistic accomplishments of our community,” concluded Dick. He encourages parents to continue to actively support and participate in upcoming showcases and concerts to nurture their children’s exploration of the fine arts.

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Students viewing artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Featured artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Student and teacher in front of artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Featured artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Student in front of artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Featured artwork at Veritas Art Walk

Student performing at Veritas Art Walk