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Former Vice President Dan Quayle Gives History Lesson at Great Hearts Archway Veritas

Archway Veritas April 23, 2024 -

Former Vice President Dan Quayle with his granddaughters

Students at Great Hearts Archway Veritas had an unforgettable day when Former Vice President Dan Quayle visited to provide a unique history lesson to the kindergarten and fourth-grade classes. Quayle, whose two granddaughters attend the academy, engaged the young students with discussions about the different branches of government and the various aspects of American political life.

Former Vice President Dan Quayle portrait when he was in officeDan Quayle, who served as the 44th Vice President under President George H.W. Bush from 1989 to 1993, has a deep connection with the Great Hearts academy, now dubbed the Quayle Campus. This is largely due to the involvement and contributions of the Quayle family. “Five of my six granddaughters have attended this great school,” Quayle shared. “The education they receive here is exceptional.”

The event took place in the academy’s Lund Center for Performing Arts, where Headmaster Megan Opitz introduced the former vice president. “You’ve all been eagerly anticipating this visit and have some great questions ready,” she told the students all assembled on the stage.

The students had a wide range of questions, from “Who is the most famous person in your contacts?” to “What is your favorite letter?” Quayle answered each question with patience and a touch of humor, declaring “Q” as his favorite letter, and disclosing that his contacts are, “Classified.” In his talk he discussed the residences of vice presidents and the location of the White House bowling alley.

“I hope to have taught you about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches,” Quayle told the students, hoping they would impress their parents with their newfound knowledge.

One of the highlights of the visit was a personal interview conducted by his granddaughters, Willa and Tori Quayle. They playfully referred to him as “Baboo,” a family nickname that stuck from when the eldest grandchild couldn’t pronounce “Big Buddha.”


Throughout the interview, Quayle demonstrated his affection and admiration for his granddaughters, answering their well-prepared questions with sincerity. Reflecting on his time in office, he spoke highly of George H.W. Bush. “He was a decent, honorable man, always striving to do what was right for the country,” Quayle reminisced with a sense of pride.

Former Vice President Dan Quayle with his granddaughtersFormer Vice President Dan Quayle with his granddaughters


The day was filled with memorable moments that left an indelible mark on both the students and the former vice president, creating a learning experience that went beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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